Oceania60: A New Dawn (O60)

Date : Friday, 4 – Sunday, 6 Oct 2024

Oceania60: A New Dawn (O60) is a significant milestone in our SGI Buddhist peace movement, commemorating the 60th anniversary of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s visit to the Oceania region. 

The theme “A New Dawn” emphasizes renewal and progress, urging us all to honour President Ikeda’s legacy and stand up as proud successors. From a small group six decades ago, Oceania now hosts over 10,000 SGI members, with SGINZ making up a membership of over 3,600. 

The success of our O60 events will be gauged by the transformative impact on members’ lives, along with our tangible achievements, like the inauguration of the new SGINZ Centre in Wellington – Whare Soka Buddha. 

Overall, O60 signifies a pioneering leap toward a brighter future for the SGI Buddhist peace movement in Aotearoa, New Zealand, driven by faith, personal challenges, and forward-thinking.

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Registration for the event is now open! Please reach out to your local leaders for more information.

For any questions or changes to your registration, please email us at o60@sginz.org.

Event Info Pack

Please explore our information pack, which includes the tentative agenda, recommended accommodations, and additional details.