Wellington Mayor Visits SGINZ Wellington Community Centre on Open Day

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown was among the visitors at the SGINZ Wellington Centre’s Open Day on 28 April 2012.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Members presented short studies on the basics of Nichiren Buddhism and SGI’s history. The Seeds of Hope exhibition and the Culture of Peace exhibition were also on display.

Open Day Coordinator, Emma Willis said “It was fantastic to share the mission of what the SGI is about – peace, culture and education – and to have some great discussion with a really wide range of people as to how you bring about a peaceful society through actions in your own life. Overall really empowering and inspiring! Such a great reminder of how the desire for peace is something that we all share.”

The Mayor dropped in unexpectedly despite her busy schedule and enjoyed the refreshments at the centre. She then toured the centre and commented on the pacifist ideals of the two founders of SGINZ who were imprisoned during World War 2. She thanked SGINZ once again for supporting the 30th anniversary nuclear free Wellington concert, saying that without SGINZ’s support the concert could not have proceeded. She also expressed interest in using the centre for some of the Council’s community activities.

Other visitors include Lachlan Mackay and Robin Halliday from the United Nations Association of NZ, and friends and family of local members.