Leaders Forms


Here are a selection of forms & information for SGINZ leaders.


Membership/Gohonzon Applications

Gohonzon and Membership Application

Family Membership Application

Children’s Membership Application

Omamori Gohonzon Application

Loan Omamori Gohonzon Application


Hall of the Great Vow

Please fill out your application to attend the gongyo ceremony at the Hall of the Great Vow in Tokyo Japan:

Note: Please allow 3 weeks to prepare this application.

SGINZ members living in Auckland and the top half of the North Island

SGINZ members living in Wellington and the lower half of the North Island

SGINZ members living in the South Island


Information for Members

Information for New SGINZ Members

Caring for the Gohonzon

The Traditional Offerings of the Alter

Using and caring for the Omamori Gohonzon


Reports to Sensei

Report / Determination to Sensei Sheet


Tai Aronui Subscriptions & Donations

Focus Subscription Form (or better yet use the online form here)

Online Donation and account information Form


Members Moving to NZ

Overseas Member Information Form


Leadership Forms

Leadership Recommendation Form

New or Change of Leadership Information Form


Centre Security

Youtube Link: Centre duty procedure

Youtube Link: Emergency Procedure


Visiting SGI outside NZ

Note: Please allow one week to prepare this application.

Request for Letter to visit overseas SGI centres

Request for Letter to visit the Hall of the Great Vow


Regional Forms

Request to borrow laptop for Auckland activities


Please contact info@sginz.org if you would like to suggest any additions to this page.