Online Donations

SGINZ May Commemorative Donation 2020

As you are aware all SGINZ centres are closed and all meetings are being conducted online only until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.
So, for the 60th anniversary May commemorative donation campaign all donations can only be made online. Many people prefer to make their donation in person and we apologise it isn’t possible at this time.

There are three ways that donations can be made online:
1. Directly through the SGINZ Website ( using POLiPay.
2. Using internet banking for a single transaction.
3. Using internet banking to set up a continuous giving donation with a regular auto payment.

For any members using internet banking to make a donation to SGINZ for the first time please fill out this form from our website or email to receive the form by email. The form has the SGINZ bank account details and enables us to match you with your donation.