Sowing Seeds of Hope

posted on 27 March 2012

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Making its debut show at a school in New Zealand, the SGI -  Earth Charter joint exhibition, Seeds of Hope, was on display at Wellington High School in the Social Sciences department.

Seeds of Hope Exhibition on display

The exhibition was received really well by students and staff according to Head of Social Sciences Faculty, Henry Hollis who had seen the exhibition on display at the Ruth Gottlieb library in Kilbirnie, Wellington.

“We’ve had a huge number 

of seniors who’ve been looking at the exhibition in their down-time or between classes.  It’s been really interesting to hear the types of comments laminating them so we can use them again in the future.

“The students are doing a couple of lessons where they spend time looking round the exhibition, and then answering some questions we got from the workbook that’s available [on the SGI website]. That’s been really, really useful; the teachers have really liked it.

“The entire junior school works on netbooks and shared ‘Google Docs’ so we’re able to create links; there’s a link to the video on water farming that the students can look at and then answer the questions, either at school or at home. We’ve put links up to the SGI website as well, and we’ll probably try to develop things like that more.

Seeds of Hope Exhibition on display

"we’re getting from students about the issues and the ideas that have been raised in there. We’re looking at downloading the posters, printing them out and. The key messages align really well with  Wellington High School and the curriculum.

“It has huge potential … and I just think it’s brilliant. I’d like to see a lot more schools around the country having a look at using it.”

Some comments from Year 9 students

“I thought it was very inspiring, and it evoked me, and hopefully my classmates, to make a change. It’s inspired me that anyone can make a change and that even if you’re young, you can still make a change. I really liked the one about the woman [Hazel Henderson] who was an ordinary housewife and she made a change in the pollution in  New York. I thought that was really cool because it represents women’s rights as well. I also loved the one about the Kenyan biologist [Wangari Maathai].” 12-year old

 “It was very interesting. It’s inspired me to always do your best, and look to nature.” 13-year old

“I thought it was really special that [SGI and Earth Charter] had done all that to try and make a difference. It’s inspired me to help my friend who’s writing a book on doing research to help cure cancer. The lady who wanted women to plant seeds and make more bush was the strongest message for me.” 13-year old

 “I think it was really informative about what’s happening around us, and it gives us a clue of what people are trying to do to stop it. It’s inspired me, in particular the one about people taking advantage of the Earth [in a bad way]. I now know that our everyday activities affect what’s going on around us.” 13-year old