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SGI Book donations in Fiji

posted on 29 May 2012


SGI Book Donation in Fiiji

Book Donation at Library Services of Fiji (LSF) facility

SGI has a long history of donating books to public libraries, universities and schools, which in recent years has also been extended to Pacific island nations. Most recently,on May 7th 2012, SGI sponsored  book donation ceremonies were held at the Library Services of Fiji (LSF) facility and at Fiji National University (FNU), both located in the capital of Suva.

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SGINZ introduced on Radio New Zealand's Spiritual Outlook program

posted on 21 May 2012

Radio New Zealand’s Sonia Sly produced this program for their Spiritual Outlook series.  It aired on Sunday 20 May. Based on the weekly lunchtime chanting session at the Wellington Centre it introduces the SGINZ movement, Buddhist philosophy and peoples experience of chanting.

The Buddhism for Lunch meetings are on Tuesday’s from 12 – 1pm at the SGINZ Wellington Centre, Ground Floor, 8 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington Telephone (04) 499-4420. All welcome.

For information on evening meetings in Wellington and around the country please use the form at the bottom of our contact page.

Wellington Mayor Visits SGINZ Wellington Community Centre on Open Day

posted on 1 May 2012

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown was among the visitors at the SGINZ Wellington Centre's Open Day on 28 April 2012.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Members presented short studies on the basics of Nichiren Buddhism and SGI's history. The Seeds of Hope exhibition and the Culture of Peace exhibition were also on display.

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