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Welcome to the Tai Aronui: Buddhism in Focus subscription page.

There are two options: Pay monthly ($5 per month) or Fixed Term ($60 per year and other options)

Please select the subscription option you would prefer:

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Pay Monthly Subscripton  

To start a monthly ($5 per month) subscription with a monthly automatic payment please fill out the form in the box below or click this link.  There's more infomation here on how to do it.



Fixed Term Subscription 

To start or renew a 6 month , 12 month or 24 month subscription please use the form in the box below or click this link (or you can download the printable hardcopy form if you prefer to subscribe by post or in person).



 Subscribing to the SGINZ Tai Aronui BUDDHISM in Focus with Pay Monthly

You can now setup a $5 monthly Autopayment to subscribe to the Focus.
Yes, it’s that simple, just $5 a month and every month the Focus will arrive in your mail. 

 All you need to do is setup your automatic payment. You can do this using Internet Banking or by going to the local branch of your bank.

HOW to setup an automatic payment from your bank account for the Focus.

1) Log in to your internet banking (or visit your bank if you do not use internet banking)

2) Create a new automatic payment with these details

ACCOUNT TO PAY: SGINZ Focus         ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01-0102-0843850-60

AMOUNT:        $5   (or $9 for two copies every month)

COMMENCEMENT DATE: The 3rd of the next month (i.e. if it’s April then set for 3-May)

FREQUENCY:    Monthly

FINAL or END DATE:    This can be left blank (you can stop this autopayment anytime)

PAYMENT DETAILS:     Particulars: FPS

Code:           [Your name]

Ref:              [Your District (optional)]

3) Double check the details, submit and confirm your automatic payment is set up.


Go back to the top of the page and fill out the Pay Monthly Subscription Form. Thank you!


You’re done!

Congratulations your first Tai Aronui: Buddhism in Focus will arrive in the last week of the month that your first payment goes out or the first week of the following month (i.e. the week leading up to World Peace Chanting on the first Sunday of the month).