6th Asia-Pacific Regional Interfaith Dialogue

posted on 15 March 2012

Hi, my name is Astrid and I have been a member of the SGI since June 2010.

I have had the opportunity to attend the 6th Asia-Pacific Regional Interfaith Dialogue in Samarang, Central Java, Indonesia. I was one of the nine New Zealand delegates accompanied by three NZ Government officials. I’m representing New Zealand interfaith youth.

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Supporting International Womens Day

posted on 13 March 2012

On a cold blustery Thursday SGI women in Wellington supported the cities 8 March International Womens Day Walk for Peace  “to raise awareness of our interconnectedness and interdependence in our hope and work towards the attainment of peace. Women from all walks of life, from different religions and diverse beliefs, from different ethnicities and cultures join the Walk ~ walk to support the protest against violence on women and children ~ walk to support protest against wars ~ walk to support empowerment of women”.

North Shore beech clean up

posted on 13 March 2012

In conjunction with the Auckland, New Zealand EcoFest 2012, a month-long community celebration of the environment and sustainable living, Northern General Chapter members organised a sunday morning beach cleanup. A total of 64 participants, young and old, family and friends gathered together on the morning of February 26 to clean up BrownsBay beach. A total of 26 rubbish bags and a bag of bottles and cans were collected by the end of the morning.

Cleaning up Browns Bay beach

Cleaning up Browns Bay beach

New Wellington Centre Opens

posted on 13 March 2012

A new SGI centre opened in Wellington on the ground floor of 8 Gilmer Terrace in early February. The beautiful new centre is more spacious than the previous centre at Morrison Kent House and was filled up for the opening ceremony on 5 Feb.  The building is also A grade earthquake strength.

Entrance to the new centre

Entrance looking the other way

The main room