Opening of Everything You Treasure – A World Free From Nuclear Weapons Exhibition in Hastings

posted on 16 March 2014

Some 80 people gathered in the warm evening light of Hastings’ Civic Square for the opening of the exhibition Everything You Treasure – A World Free from Nuclear Weapons at 5.30 pm on Tuesday 18 February 2014.

Proceedings kicked off with a speech from Lawrence Yule, Mayor of Hastings District Council. A sound system malfunction was addressed by removing microphones and speaking from the heart across the still Square. Mayor Yule mentioned his memories of the anti-nuclear struggle of the 1980s, and Prime Minister David Lange’s famous quip to his opponent at the Oxford Union Debate: “I can smell the uranium on your breath.” This, he noted, was an example of the courage New Zealand had to stand up to world powers and declare itself nuclear free. 

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Inga Boyd promotes friendship through random acts of kindness

posted on 12 March 2014

Inspired by another member in her local Lower Hutt Buddhist group (Te Awa Kairangi) to break down barriers through talking to people on the train Inga Boyd came up with Giftism.

Giftism is a project described as ‘Promoting joy through sharing baking with strangers’

On her blog ( introduction she writes:

For the month of December, I’m embarking on a social experiment to see if I can promote a sense of joy and connectedness in my community. I’m going to do this by giving away baking to fellow passengers during my daily commute to work.

It’s the festive season, and it’s supposed to be all about giving – right? I’ve never tried anything like this before, but I do believe there is something pretty powerful in the act of giving without the need to receive anything in return.

To make things a bit more exciting – I’m not a great baker. Up until today I didn’t own a measuring cup or electric beaters, and my repertoire of baked goods includes scones, easy chocolate cake (recipe from home economics class at high school) and a lemon cake.

Unexpectedly her experiment caught on 

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Announcing the 'FOUNDATION DAY CELEBRATION: SGI Humanism in the 21st Century' on November 17th

posted on 14 November 2013

November 18, 2013 marks the 83rd anniversary of the founding of Soka Gakkai in Japan. To commemorate this significant date and its development as a global movement for peace, culture and education; SGINZ will be hosting a special lecture by Professor Peter Lineham. The event aims to jointly celebrate interfaith humanism and Soka Gakkai founding day. The event is opened to invited guests such as the Interfaith Council, the Peace Foundation, United Nations Association (NZ Branch), SGINZ members and the general public.

The Theme of the Meeting is FOUNDATION DAY CELEBRATION: SGI Humanism in the 21st Century.

The meeting will be held on Sunday November 17th at the SGI Buddhist Community Centre, 40 Eaglehurst Rd, Ellerslie, Auckland from 10:30am-Midday.

Professor Peter Lineham will speak on “New Religious Leaders and the Challenge of Religion in the 21st Century.” He will talk about Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, Pope Francis and Bishop Justin Duckworth of Wellington using a power point visual display. Following Professor Lineham, we have Rev. George Armstrong who will provide us with his comment on what he deems to be a “True Religion”. 

There are Maori performances from the renowned Kapahaka Group of Kowhai Intermediate School, and contemporary musical pieces from SGINZ Brass Band. There will also be the "Seeds of Hope" exhibition which stresses our interconnectedness with the rest of the community of life and the need to broaden our sphere of compassion and concern.

It will be a day of celebration, a day to remember the struggles and challenges our pioneers had endured, and a day to renew our resolve to strive in their footsteps to continue their dream of a better world. 

New SGI Anti Nuclear Exhibition Launches at Otago University, Commemorating Hiroshima Day

posted on 8 August 2013

On 5 August, about 60 people gathered in the Otago University Library LINK, for the New Zealand launch of the exhibition “Everything You Treasure - A World Free from Nuclear Weapons”.   Hosted by the National Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University, the exhibition launch was one of a series of events commemorating the 68th anniversary of Hiroshima Day (6 August).  The exhibition was created by Soka Gakkai International and the International Campaign for Nuclear Abolition (ICAN) and was originally launched in Hiroshima in 2010.

Prof Kevin Clements, Director of the National Center, said it was an honour for Dunedin to be the fourth city to host the exhibition, after Hiroshima, Oslo and Geneva and thanked SGI New Zealand for agreeing to bring the exhibition to New Zealand in short notice.  “They wanted to bring the exhibition to London next but I said “Why not Dunedin?” he joked.

Other speakers at the launch were Mr Ted Nye (representative of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)), Grant Gillet (Professor of Medical Ethics, Otago University) and Jimi Wallace (General Director of SGINZ).  

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